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If there is magic in the air tonight, it comes in the form of a System Lottery Product.

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If it's a hometown lottery game drawing you like to play and win then you have come to the right place.

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Lottery game drawings and gambling Casinos located throughout our country have a few things in common they both share the curious intriguing ability to attract people not necessarily daily players of lottery games or people who loves to fulfill there ongoing desire of betting against the odds, but ordinary people, going about their everyday ordinary lives. 

Just for the thrill of betting against the odds many people experience an adventurous like feeling which only comes about when they consider to gamble their personal cash dollars away many people hoping to win, but others more so enjoying having the ultimate power of winning every time they play. 

People playing a lottery game drawing in their state or perhaps visiting nearby gambling Casinos in states throughout our country.

Often says.

"What if I win some say?"

Others compelling nature causes them to just stay away from gambling locations, because of having no understanding of how they work.

A lottery game drawing jackpot can be worth millions of dollars, now days billions and the possibilities of becoming a millionaire overnight outweighs a person's perception if they are going about doing things the right way.  The personal thoughts which are connected with large sums of money and lottery game drawings are huge and the people who play these games and win large amounts of money are unique.

Their individual ways of choosing the winning lottery game combinations sets them above the rest of us and the individual stories of a player's success varies from person to person, neighbor to neighbor and perhaps from community to community but local news footage circulates their stories of success worldwide.

These unique stories of lottery winners drive more people to play the games without an understanding everywhere throughout the world, but has anyone of us ever took the time to ask ourselves a question?  Why do people win so much, when I can't even get a single winning ticket? 

Well, most player's ability to win a hometown lottery game drawing could sometimes come in the form of a set plan.   An option of doing things the very same way every time they play System Lottery Corporation calls this Proximity defined as nearness in space, time or relationship.

A set plan option can assists people by providing unique advanages in solving specific problems which complicate a person projected view particular situation involving choiceful understanding.

Read Our Upcoming Website Short Story "Who Is Bringer?" has such plans called helpers they are strategical options to better a person's approach through an gainful understanding to something which is relatively unknown.  How to play the lottery game drawing correctly still throughout our country and other foreign nations the lottery trend continues on there are more players of lottery games losing daily drawings than there are winning.

Something which can be determined by adding over the years the amounts of jackpot winners in the Mega Millions and Powerball Lotto Game Drawings.


Because lottery game drawings can confuse the average person, especially beginners and the states who offer these drawings knows of this fact money alone can't win every game you play there must be a method of selecting the numbers which is accurate and consistent which will work on a daily basis.

How does a person successfully choose a winning lottery game combination?  I asked myself. After playing one in the beginning, I still wondered, even though I had picked numbers to play would I win the game something which every person does daily.  In the beginning the drawings were relatively new to the State of Illinois.

They seemed harmless and easy to win but as things went along I found out different. This is how many players approach their hometown lottery game drawings; just think of a lottery game combination and purchase a ticket. Win or lose, people thought this was the way to go how simple could it get for the lottery states?

Well, my losses began to add up; at that time there were no personal computers either were there any Internet access available. And my only option at that time was to play the lottery game drawing as everyone else did by guessing on numbers, but this since then all has changed. So how did Rodan Technology Division create the very first lottery game drawing helper science developed in the world that just might revolutionize the way players of lottery games will select winning 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Multi-Digit Lotto, Mega Millions and Powerball Lottery Game Combinations now and in the near future?

During those days it would have been unheardable to use something which helped the person choose winning lottery game combinations, the first few years of System development things didn't come easy. A person explained to me in the beginning that a lottery game drawing is a form of legalized gambling controlled by the state where you live. After explaining to me I still did not understand what exactly legalized gambling was, so he further explained, that you are taking a chance with your ability to understand the matter at hand using cash denominations.

Designed from U.S. Military Targeting Data

Most players of lottery games are not fully aware of the principles which are involved in playing a hometown lottery game drawing; they just do, because it’s legal and they think it's a quick way to get some extra cash.  The term matter at hand through me for a lost in the beginning, I responded by saying.  "What did you say?"  The person laughed and then explained to me you must have some knowledge of what you are doing before you do it in order to come out ahead.

The phrase, matter at hand is something which was said to me thirty seven years ago and it still sticks with me today. The benefits of using our organized lottery strategies is where a more of an effective attempt is put forth in choosing your lottery game combinations and will give players that needed knowledge of what they are doing beforehand. I was going into the lottery game drawings blind without any understanding of the matter at hand only using the small amounts of money in my pockets to try and win the drawings.

Money alone won't win every lottery game drawing you must also have the correct numbers many forms of legalized gambling requires people to take a risk but not so much now using System. System Lottery Corporation has developed an effective and skillful way that will assist people in choosing winning lottery game combinations with little or no guesswork.
This can be done anywhere in the world where lottery game drawings are played.

Researched information obtained during our continual study of lottery game drawings was given to me by one of Rodan Technology Division's programmers. He smiled at me and said. “Try this the next time you play the lottery, I think I've solved your problems!

This was a historic moment in the creation of the first lottery game drawing science in the United States or perhap the world something I now realize. Because from that point on I began to reverse engineer the lottery game drawing's science to the point where the odds in the games did not matter only how to choose winning combinations.

Tiger Engineering Incorporated

Our goal when we first started this project was to help one single person win a lottery game drawing but since then our endeavor has turned into something much bigger.  My friend, the computer programmer, handed me the very first ever lottery game helper strategy developed in the United States 37 years ago which primarily was used for the selection of 3-digit lottery game combinations, now known as a System Lottery Game Helper Product.

The dedicated studying of lottery game drawings and applied researched science of the matter at hand had paid off. Over time, we slowly started to assemble a team together; experts specializing in the fields of writing, business, finance and printing.  Hey, let us ask you this question.  “Have you ever known a lottery game drawing to give away money without having the player to match their official chosen numbers?"


Lottery players do this day by day in the hundreds of thousands.  Why?  Because people of lottery games trust official lottery game drawings.  Listen to this, lottery players how about having a selection strategy where the lottery game drawing in your hometown matches your chosen numbers.

Only a one quarter area of the sheet of paper was printed on it was a list of lottery numbers that we now refer to as a game board a permanent set of lottery game combinations with no instructions.  I simply chose at first sight, eight of the numbers.  I wrote the numbers down on a small piece of paper and walked a block away to a local ticket agent to play.  

Winning A Lottery Game Drawing Is A Science,

And It's Only A System Lottery Game Board Away.

The programmer explain to me for the best possible results play the numbers to win the smaller cash prize, but I forgot and played each lottery game combination fifty cents to win the higher cash prize amount, that evening.  I watched as the numbers were being drawn on a black and white television.

The first number was eight, and then a 5 followed.  The lottery official said,  "And the final number in the Illinois State Three Digit Lottery Game Drawing is nine!"

That evening I won two hundred and fifty dollars for just spending $4, with nothing to go by other than a list of numbers.  Lottery officials explain to the public how to choose numbers from their lottery game drawing, but who gives the understanding to us on how choose the numbers that wins other than by guessing. 

Now we do!

So people of lottery game drawings, if you are tired of losing your money or buying fraudulent ineffective and costly methods of selecting winning lottery game combinations off the Internet the phrase began to go around the office, is it a fun profitable game or is it System Lottery Products. 

System Lottery Corporation has created a visual interpreted lottery science based on how the United States Military used artillery seek-out enemy targets with pinpoint accuracy.  

Using this same science now to locate winning lottery game combinations with accuracy so stunning, you wouldn’t believe it at first sight until you tell someone close that you have won a lottery game drawing by just using a mathematical interpretive lottery game drawing selection strategy named System, adding yourself to the list of unique stories told by lottery winners throughout the world.

System Lottery Products is the lottery strategy's main title that all of our lottery game helper products falls under but divisional conversation lead us to the separation of our unique helper strategies by entitlement.  As of 12-9-2017 we manufacture four different unique titles which can assist people in the positive selection of winning lottery game combinations drawn in their hometown nationwide.

That one quarter filled sheet of paper has turned into four independent strategically designed series of computer developed lottery game helper selection sciences which enhances a person's understanding on how the principles involved in playing the game when used correctly by people will win a lottery game drawing anywhere in the world, guaranteed.

Rodan Technology Division

This was the very first helper science series developed, giving players the most effective options possible to choose winning lottery game combinations in their hometown.  But since then, these strategical concepts which I used to win $250 by just spending four dollars in 1983.  Has branched off into other lottery game drawing helper sciences because of this we now maintain the most consistent and affordable ways a person can use to play any lottery game drawing held throughout the world.

It's the cheapest and most effective professional graded PDF numerical drawing selection concepts your money can buy.  Play and win lottery game drawings held anywhere you choose using System Lottery Products and they can be used for the life of the drawing once purchased. 

Presently these strategically developed concepts has no set purchase price.

Lucky Day Lottery Game Helper Products

Is our quick reference helper product series. They are multicolored strategical guides used for the selection of 3 or 4-digit lottery game combinations. The product will instantly enhance any person's ability to recognize exactly how to play and choose any winning 3 or 4-digit lottery game combination in their hometown just by using your sight along.

An on the go lottery player, can benefit by having a permanent copy of any Lucky Day Lottery concept to use in their hometown.  The helper products are simple to understand and use, and the game board pages are easily stored inside of your pocket or a paper folder. These helper products sell for approximately $8.95.

Surface Breaker Lottery Game Helper Products

Is our answer to the elusive Multi Digit Lotto, Mega Millions ad Powerbal Lottery Game Combinations.  The helper science originally developed for beginners or the not so experienced lottery player assists people wanting to learn a more effective way to correctly choose independent 100,000 dollar Lotto Game combinations on a single line different methods of creating and selecting, if not the exact numbers close to the combinations chosen by their state lottery officials.

The products will definitely replace the occasional purchasing of your state's lottery quick pick and having too guess on numbers for years players will know what they need to understand about the drawings providing helpful hints on how to choose winning combinations possibly on a daily basis.

The helper products are simple remedies for reducing the high amount of odds incorporated in Lotto Lottery Game Drawings such as your hometown Pick 5, Pick 6, Lotto, Mega Millions and Powerball designed for at home use and corporate lottery group playing pools. The products sell for $9.95-$29.95.

Mini Systems Lottery Game Helper Products

Is our premium helper science series packed full with lottery game boards and explanatory information used as a teaching tool for any person wishing to win a lottery game drawing in their hometown by using something other than guesswork.  Our descriptive forms of explanations combined with the many unique views of the game boards.

Delivers that needed punch to successfully challenge any 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 Multi-Digit Lotto, Mega Millions or Powerball Lottery Game Drawing in the world day after day, the products range in pricing from $7.95-$17.50.

Walter Porter Corporations

Solving peoples problems winning lottery game drawings is our business and this is done by utilizing the most effective methods there are against the rising odds incorporated in lottery game drawings throughout the world.  We think a set plan option is the right way to accomplish things, especially when it comes to guessing.  We use such plans in our daily lives, so why don't we apply them to how we play hometown lottery game drawings?

Stop thinking of the cash prize amounts and huge jackpot amounts players, only for the lucky few can we spend one dollar and win millions.
Eliminate that process of thinking of lottery game combinations which may or might not be chosen in your hometown know what you are doing when ever you play by using a System Lottery Product today.

This is where players of lottery games use common sense to turn a lottery ticket into winning dollars and cents.  Now, using System, which lottery number should I choose?  Is a skillfully thought out, precise process, with little or no guesswork involved. Using our concepts can open doors for people which under different conditions would have remain closed.

The products can help a player effectively understand what they are doing before it is done when approaching any lottery game drawing throughout the world.

System Lottery Game Helper Products

Having some knowledge on how things work, is better than not having none at all and with this understanding you will increase your chances of singling out lottery game combinations, which have a poor drawing percentage rate, giving you the option to save money in the process of selecting a higher percentage combination which maybe drawn on particular days.

Every lottery player who received a copy of System's computer developed concept during it's testing periods had much needed success in choosing the correct combinations to win the lottery game.  The lottery concept works anywhere you play, but our science must be applied to design a specific lottery game helper product.  If it's lottery game drawings you like to play and win, then you have come to the right place.

The lottery products amazed everyone playing a lottery game, how can something so simple help anyone using win a hometown lottery game drawing? The basic ideas and name for our lottery concept arrived from a song during the early 80's, 'You Are In My System'.  The inspiring melody, along with the musical lyrics of Robert Palmer's popular song drove us to keep trying, and I myself could not win a lottery drawing.

System Lottery Corporation does not pick the combinations for you or tell you how much money to spend.  The players of lottery games do, when you dream of winning a lottery game drawing people generally set their personal reality aside for that moment.  Rounding it off, we can, sell players a dream, unlike any other, the most unique, effective and consistent methods of choosing winning 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 Multi Digit Lotto, Mega Millions and Powerball ever developed for personal at home use.

Starting in December 2019.

The cheapest most efficient and consistent ways of selecting winning lottery game combinations to this date, our teams have put so much time and so much effort in the development of System.
We can assure any person of this.

Digital International Industries

I too, myself, have a story to tell. If my memory serves me correctly, while field-testing our then new 6-digit lottery game board, and Surface Breaker's written examples, in 1997, used for the numerical selection of winning 100,000 dollar lottery game combinations.
Playing the Mega Millions Lotto Game Drawing, using this product seemed so simple and I helped to design it.  First off, I was told not to concentrate on the lottery game jackpot in the example text provide for writers to go by an explanation of the helper product for customers.

Just my number selection process, I believe, I spend twenty dollars, and the jackpot was for 19 million dollars. That next day I began checking my tickets, throwing them aside when there were not more than two numbers per printed line. Next ticket, suddenly, there was one number, then two numbers, then three, and there was a fourth.

I quickly lowered the ticket and covered it with the rest, not wanting to look back. Just holding the thought for a moment, that I may have chosen all six numbers!

Rechecking the winning numbers with the State of Illinois, I looked back at the ticket and there were only four numbers on one line. But, what caused me to take a deep breath was that the other two numbers that would have made our company a bit wealthier was on the printed line right beneath the winning line in the exact position needed to win the large lottery jackpot.
That day our lottery corporation won $150.00 for just spending 20 dollars there were a lot of smiling faces and pats on the back for the successful testing of the helper product.

Confirming to me that our purpose is real and the harder we work the more things we can change for the better, System Lottery Products, wow!
Not too bad, huh?  No, not too bad at all.

Wayne Enterprises Inc.

Our lottery game helper products will teach any person how their chosen lottery game drawing is designed to be played and how to correctly choose their winning combinations drawn in your hometown daily with little or no guesswork.

"Win!  Hometown lottery game drawings night after night, become more successful at choosing lottery game combinations drawn in your lottery game drawings, straight or boxed.  Lottery players of the world, you would appreciate having a copy of System Lottery Products unique and stylish ways of choosing winning lottery game combinations."

"The products simplify any lottery game drawing for any person using, and our written instructive helpers and guides will assist you in how to make more credible choices of numbers in your future playing of lottery games."

"Well, players of lottery games, it has been our pleasure to have talked with you.

Many thanks to the people involved and much appreciation to our continuing store purchased, email and mail ordering customers, we would proudly like to say.”

Try Our Computer Developed, Odd Reducing, Money Saving and Strategically Designed Method Of Selecting Winning 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Multi-Digit Lotto Mega Millions and Powerball Lottery Game Combinations In Your Hometown Today!

Thank You!

Introducing System!

The cheapest, most effective and affordable ways to play & win lottery game drawings offered anyplace in the world. 

A lottery game drawing countdown has started in your hometown and can't be stopped.

Don't Miss The Bang!.

Introducing & Surface Breaker Lottery Game Helper Products.

Try Our Computer Developed, Odd Reducing, Money Saving, and Strategically Designed Methods of Selecting Winning Lottery Game Combinations Today.

Purchase any lottery game helper product once and it is good for as long as the lottery game drawing continues in your hometown.

We stand behind all sales made to the general public with an unconditional satisfaction guaranteed policy for the helper's effectiveness.

Keep your lottery purchases in a safe place and always check a lottery ticket using a safe and secure method.

Our motto is, the needs of many can be determined by the complex thinking of just a few.

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