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January 12, 2020

Lottery officials throughout the country are deploying tactics utilizing the potential hundred of thousands of odds involved in playing their official multi digit Lotto, Mega Millions and Powerball Lotto Game Drawings.

For the purpose of having players' to believe that the only possible way they can successfully defeat these enormous numerical based selection systems and their odds of winning is by playing the game's combinations using their official state rule, which is random issued lottery game drawing quick picks.

When a person fill out a Pick 5, Pick 6, Lotto, Mega Millions or Powerball official game card in their state, how do they determine which combination should be chosen? 

They don't.

Most people just choose any combinations hoping that they might have chosen the correct numbers in the drawing using their official state issued game cards.   Did any of us every think that there were a science to how Lotto Game combinations must be chosen in order to win a drawing and their jackpot.

We believe no, 

Coming soon is System Lottery Corporation's answer to winning Lotto Game Drawings held throughout our country.

Adding for those people who just want to know there is a rash of websites online selling books and computer software stating that they have methods of winning Lotto Game Drawings.

This would be false in it's entirely, we found advertisments online, websites stating to people saying just this.  Players on the Internet you can say and do just about anything you wish.  System Lottery Corporation just don't work like that there is a certain standard which we operate under which would be honesty, if the helper product don't work for us it won't be sold to you.

This other person or people don't go by these standards of operating online they Steal, Cheat and Lie being their whole objective is to receive one dollar for something which they did not create.

Visit Our Website On The 8th of July Check The Store For Something That Will Help To Explain how Lotto Game combinations are chosen.

Running a little bit behind schedule sorry for the inconvenience. 

The combinations which exist in these multi million dollar Lotto Game Drawings by comparison would be that of a small city or town, it would be highly impossible for someone at this particular time other than System Lottery Corporation the very first corporation to developer what is now known today as a lottery strategy to help a lottery player select that single winning Lotto Game combination which would win a multi million dollar drawing jackpot using these so called books, computer software etc. 

Right now, this guy is leading readers and potential players in the wrong direction trying to collect this one dollar on the items being sold.

If it was possible, the method they use would never reach the Internet.

Let us ask you this just to see if you can answer because we already know. 

Who is Gail Howard.

More To Follow.

It is just a photo of a lady that once lived in Clearwater Florida who this guy, a website developer payed to pose as a lottery creator using System Lottery Corporation's strategies, so he could possibly not be found and served with a lawsuit.  Miss Howard was suppose to have died, but yet someone is still selling books with our lottery methods inside. something we made where the person could use one single sheet of paper to successfully win using visual interpretations rather than by guessing on combination a lottery selection product that can be download to a cell phone.

it was our helper products which help us locate this person in the same way our products finds winning lottery game combinations in any state of foreign country that holds the drawings, by reducing to odds.

 These people are a bunch of fools to even attempt the sale of something they say that will help lottery players win the Lotto Game Drawings when they can't even win one themselves.  Try and not become a part of this foolish and ridiculous out pouring of nonsense brought on by a website developer we believe living in Chicago area but saying that he lives in Florida.

We have develop methods of winning Lotto Game Drawings which have taken us twenty three years to create and we are still not finished yet, but until we can successfully test the product under normal conditions and choose 4 to 5 of the winning combinations drawn in a drawing the only way we have determined people can benefit by playing numbers in Lotto Game Drawing anywhere in the world is by lottery quick picks and the lucky numbers in their lives.

Like we said if there was something out there you would not be able to afford to buy this lottery method, some websites on the Internet are not in the business of helping you win a lottery game drawing, they just want what you got, your precious cash dollars.

Please lottery players just wait on the free stuff we will soon post to our lottery store.

David G. Porter

Director Of Project Development

Tiger Engineering Incorporated

Thank You!

More to Follow!

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Lotto Game Drawings & The People Who Play

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